Amidst the wind swept desert dunes and rose colored sandstone cliffs of northern Saudi Arabia are nestled ancient Nabatean tombs and now, a festival area, including immersive laser projected art exhibition, concert hall and several unique destinations for enjoying the rich heritage, culture and natural beauty of the dramatic landscape. 

A Winter at Tantora Festival pass gets you access to all this in addition to plenty of all you can eat buffet’s. Some packages also include flights, guides and accommodation.  The event is hosted by the residents of Al-Ula, resulting in extraordinarily humbling Arabian hospitality and authentic charm set against the backdrop of this historic region.

A festival pass also grants visitors access to an area of Saudi Arabia that is off-limits for most of the year. Mysterious, remote and relatively undiscovered, Madain Saleh is one of the most significant archaeological sites in the Arabian Peninsula. The most famous tomb and iconic symbol for Madain Saleh is the tomb Qasr Al Farid, “the lonely Palace” and part of the largest conserved site of the ancient Nabataean civilization south of Jordan’s Petra.

Following sell-out success this year, this festival looks set to take place again in 2020.

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